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This is a prison pen pal site for inmates in need of a caring
friend. Through this site we hope to bring friendship, love and laughter
to lonely prisoners. We hope to help ease the time they have to serve.
It is a fact that 90% of inmates lose all contact with family and friends
after 3 years. They also lose all contact with life outside.
Together, we can help change the way people think of prisoners.
They are serving their time and it is hard. They often feel loss of dignity,
self-worth and self-respect. A letter, a card and a friend can lift their spirits
in ways we could never imagine.
Throughout this site you'll find personal ads of male, female, gay,
and death row prisoners; legal ads, resources, artwork, crafts, and
poetry by prisoners looking for a friend, a partner, and a glimmer of hope.
We also feature a public forum. Please take a moment to browse
through the ads and make a prisoner smile today! You'll be glad you did!
This poem was written by Fred Yarbrough, a special friend.
He wanted to share what a pen pal's letters meant to him during
his incarceration. He was released on September 16th, 2000
and is cherishing every moment of his freedom.
He is successful, happy and loving life.

Sunlight shadows cross my cell,
A cold winters dismal song,
Whispers on the wind, as my time stands still,
Thank God, at last, it is Mail Call!

I wait for my name with the eyes of a child,
As the guard calls us for our mail.
I think there's something in my slot,
Yea, I knew my pen pal would not fail.

I tear it open, three pages, no four!
A picture, a joke, no wait, there's more.
A story of life outside this place,
with children, and free air and wide open space.

She's MY prison pen pal,
Not really just mine,
There are many who have none
I share the letters all the time, as soon as I get done.

Yes, we count on you pen pals, though we hope you don't mind.
For there's no better people, could we ever find.
You give of yourselves and open your hearts,
We thank you, we love you, you are one of a kind.

Written by Fred Yarbrough
Parts of his poem have been edited with permission.

We wish you the best of luck with your new pen pals and thank you for choosing
Jail Mail!

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Testimonial March 22nd, 2004
Congratulations Darnell and Tiffeney!

"I have found the right woman for me. She is absolutely electrifying and so attractive.
I've prayed to God to send me someone to love just for me. Tiffeney did more than just that.
She came here to see me all the way from Philly. I'm starting to hear wedding bells.
Thank you and God bless your company. You guys are a blessing to us inmates." -- Darnell Bryant ~ DE
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